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State of the project

Scheme of 3D-printable simplified ventilator Copyright: IRT

State of the project

Two different concepts are currently pursued in parallel. Both concepts should allow an adjustable breathing volume, the so-called tidal volume, and a variable respiratory rate. Additional oxygen can be administered via the BVM.

Concept 1

Concept 1 uses a DC geared motor at a constant speed. This concept requires very simple electronics and no special control (“switch on and go”). The bag is operated using a 3D printed mechanism. The breathing volume is adapted by adjusting the mechanism.

Concept 2

Concept 2 uses a servo or stepper motor. This concept requires slightly more complex electronics for the control of the motor, but only a very few mechanical parts. The function can be adjusted using a smartphone.

The first prototypes have already been implemented and are currently evaluated and improved with a test lung, so-called AEROtubeŽ.

At the same time, a homepage is set up with replication instructions and all necessary files for printing the parts.


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