The Project


3D-Printable Simplified Ventilator

Key Info

Basic Information

Project start:
Biomedical Systems


The development of a simplified ventilation device that is built with the help of a 3D printer and a few components so that it can be easily reproduced and assembled by volunteers all over the world.

  First prototype that operates the bag valve mask Copyright: © IRT

The idea

The device is meant to provide a last resort for the possible situation when COVID19 infections outnumber the capacities of medical ventilation at healthcare facilities.

The device automatically squeezes widely available bag valve masks, short BVMs or “Ambu-bags”.

The device is not developed as a medical device. It is not meant and not safe to be used without strict supervision. It is intended to be used when the situation is at a point where the only remaining alternative would be using volunteers to operate BVMs manually.


The Advantages

  • Main components: 3D-printable parts, bag valve mask, motor
  • All necessary files and building instructions will be made open source.
  • Anyone with access to a standard FDM 3D printer can build the device independently within one day. A large number of devices can be manufactured within a short period of time.

Costs and material

  • Current status of building costs: below 75 Euro
  • Production and manufacturing can happen decentralized by practically anyone owning an FDM 3D-Printer with a build plate of 20cmx20cm.
  • Bag valve mask
  • Electric motor and power supply
  • Few mechanical small parts, for example screws